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Company Profile of Beijing Medcon
Brief Introduction
, as its names suggests, is the abbreviation of “Medical Conference”. As the first conference management technologyprovider focusing on medical conference, Medecon devotes itself to the applicationR & D on academic conference management since 2004. After over 10 years efforts, Medcon is a leading player in association website management, membership management, abstract submission management, paper review management, online registration and payment management, onsite registration management, conference programme management, slides transfer and rebroadcasting and its application with minisite and Wechat.Now, Medcon is the most professional and prominent technology provider in academic conference management.

As a pioneer and a prominent technology provider in academic conference management, Medcon has developed its product line of association website management, Medical conference service platform, onsite registration management, slides transfer and rebroadcasting management system and its application based on Wechatwhich covers the complete conference life circle.Medconsolution offers one stop services that include conference website development, information delivering, call for paper, abstract submission, online paper reviewing, online registration and payment, hotel and transport booking, programme management, onsite reporting and integrate the short message service(SMS) and emailing platform. All these service perfectly match the traditional management process, such as association management, academic conference approval management, and financial management.

Medcon spares no efforts to improve the efficiency, accuracy, attendance and safety while reduce the operation time and cost dramatically.

The perfect marketing and promotion platform, smart online registration and academic management system, and convenient onsite registration make the Medecon a versatile, user-friendly and detail-oriented system for both conference attendees and organizers.

Now, Medcon is chosen as the service provider for Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Asia Pacific Heart Association, China Sport Science Society, Chinese Association of Refrigeration, Chinese Society for Immunology. Weprovide professional services for more than 200 large scale academic conferences and 1 million conference delegates annually.
Our Clients in Medical Field

● International Medical Associations & Societies

International Society of Endocrinology(ISE)

International Society of Sport Psychology(ISSP)

Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology(APAO)

Asian-Pacific Heart Association( APHA)

Asian Federation of Sports Medicine( AFSM)

Royal Society of Chemistry

● National Medical Associations & Societies

Chinese Medical Association

Medcon supports all the international and first class conferences organized by CMA, including the largest conference ofInternational Congress of Chinese Orthopaedic Association(COA) which has 15000 attendees.

Chinese Anti-Cancer Association

Medcon supports the Annual Chinese Conference on Oncology (CCO) andthe Annual Chinese Symposium on Medical Oncology that organized by Chinese Anti-Cancer Association.

Chinese Medical Doctor Association

Medcon supports the largest annual conference of ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgeons, dermatologist, and anaesthesia that organized byChinese Medical Doctor Association.

Chinese Prevention Medicine Association, Chinese Nutrition Society, Cross-Straits Medicine Exchange Association, the Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion, Chinese Hypertension League, China Association of Chinese Medicine,China Sport Science Society

● National Medical Associations & Societies

Jiangsu Medical Association

Medcon Supports all the annual conference that organized by Jiangsu Medical Association.

Zhejiang Medical Association

Medcon Supports all the annual conference that organized by Zhejiang Medical Association.

Beijing Medical Association, Beijing Pharmaceutical Association, Beijing Hypertension Association, Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association, Sichuan Medical Association Guangdong General Hospital, Fuwai Hospital, The Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Tianjin Eye Hospital, etc.

● Non-Medical Clients

The Royal Society of Chemistry, Chinese Materials Research Society, Chinese Association of Refrigeration, The Center for International Scientific Exchanges of Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.

Our Clients in Medical Field

1. Professional

We are familiar with the standard operation process of association & academic conference management

We have one stop service and solution for association & academic conference management

We have a professional, experienced and loyal tech team.

2. concentrated

We have more than 10-years devotion to R & D for association & academic conference management applications.

We are focusing on providing medical conference management service.

3. Stable and Reliable

Our people and products are acknowledged by our Clients in a long term commitment.

We provide quick response technology and service with low cost.


1. We have 10-years agreement of cooperation and Confidentiality between Chinese Medical Association.

2. We Sign the agreement of Confidentiality among our employees.

3. We have a hot-standby system and well developed administration authority levels.