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Huikai Xie 教授

University of Florida

Huikai Xie

Dr. Huikai Xie is a Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Florida (UF). He is also a distinguished professor at Beijing Institute of Technology. He received his BS in microelectronics, MS in photonics, and PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Beijing Institute of Technology, Tufts University, and Carnegie Mellon University, respectively. Before he joined UF as an assistant professor in 2002, he worked at Tsinghua University (1992-1996), Bosch Corporation (2001), and Akustica Inc. (2002). He also worked at US Air Force Research Lab as a summer faculty fellow (2007-2009). He has published over 300 technical papers and 11 book chapters and holds 30 US patents. His current research interests include MEMS/NEMS, inertial sensors, microactuators, optical MEMS, optical beam steering, LiDAR, microspectrometers and optical microendoscopy. He is an associate editor of the IEEE Sensors Letters and Sensors & Actuators A. He is a fellow of IEEE and SPIE.
Title:  Electrothermal Micromirrors for 3D Sensing and Imaging
Abstract:  Scanning micromirrors are MEMS devices that can steer, modulate and switch light. In this talk, a unique type of electrothermally-actuated MEMS scanning mirrors that can generate large-range, tip-tilt-piston scanning at low driving voltage will be introduced. These electrothermal MEMS mirrors also have high fill factor and can be made into large arrays. They have become the enabling devices for various emerging applications, including endomicroscopic 3D optical imaging for early cancer detection, IR/NIR spectroscopy, 3D mapping, optical cross connects (OXC), optical phased arrays (OPA), etc. The design, fabrication, modeling and control of this type of electrothermal MEMS mirrors will be discussed in detail and how to utilize these MEMS mirrors to the above mentioned applications will be demonstrated.